Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

An easy way to add style to your home.  Available in a wide variety of styles, colours and materials and suitable for all rooms of the house or workplace; it’s no wonder that Roller Blinds are the most popular type of blind in the UK.


Why Roller Blinds?

Roller Blinds are a simple solution and give plenty of control over light and privacy.

But simple though they may be, there is still masses of options to create the perfect blind for you, including:

  • Dim-out fabrics
  • Water resistant fabrics
  • Fabrics coated with pollen busting ingredients to reduce hayfever and
  • COVID treated fabrics to protect against viruses

Roller Blinds for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Roller Blinds can be made from a range of finishes, including ones that are wipe clean, moisture resistant and flame-retardant. This means that they are perfect for areas of high humidity or where heat and spills can be an issue. At New Dawn, we are the experts in which materials are best suited for the different areas in your home and can advise you on the options that are available to you.

Roller Blinds for Bay Windows

The brilliant thing about bay windows is that you get light into your room at different times of the day. The tricky thing about bay windows is the same thing! One solution is to use Roller Blinds – individual blinds can be fitted for each pane, giving you flexibility to choose the combination of shades you need at different times of the day.

Roller Blinds for uPVC Windows

At New Dawn, we are your local suppliers of two fantastic solutions for any uPVC windows or doors. Perfect Fit or INTU systems integrate into the recess of your doors and windows and clip into place, using specialised channels and pulleys. There are no screws, no drilling into your frames and they can be used at an angle so are perfect for tilt and turn widows, skylights and bi-fold doors.

Motorised Roller Blinds

You may be fitting several blinds in your home, especially if you have a bay window or a conservatory to kit out. Maybe you are using them in hard to reach skylights. Steve at New Dawn is our resident automation specialist (or geek if you prefer) and will happily show you the battery or hard-wired options you have which help you control your shades at the touch of a button.

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We offer a variety of appointment types and solutions for you.  Either in the comfort of your own home for that final decision or a first look at our full range in our modern showroom where you can see our products being made in our onsite workshop.

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For an upgrade on a basic roller blind for uPVC doors and windows, consider our ‘No Drill’ blind systems.

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