Covid 19 Advice and Appointment Guidance


When will we be returning to work?

  • We are working within current Government guidelines and have put into place new systems, ways of working and guidelines which both us and our customers will need to follow.
  • Initially we will have reduced slots as we learn to work under new guidelines, whilst we appreciate this may make it trickier to find a slot, this is for everyone’s safety and we hope with many now able to work from home that this will allow for a degree of flexibility. Outstanding orders will take priority with fitting and we will contact you shortly.
  • Our appointments will be with 1 member of staff and we ask that where possible, only 1 member of the household is present for your home appointment to reduce risk.


How can I book an appointment?

  • The Government guidelines state that a business should find digital or remote alternatives to in-home work where possible, that is why we are introducing virtual consultations as a part of new systems. This will offer a chance for us to meet face to face online, discuss your requirements and show us your windows from the safety of your own home initially.
  • We also ask that where possible, customers can provide us with estimated sizes of their windows either during a virtual consultation or when enquiring. This will allow us to give you an online estimate prior to a home visit.
  • During this stage of the lockdown, we encourage customers to be able to proceed with an order and only have us visit their home when necessary to reduce exposure and risk.
  • We will also be providing a home appointment service. We will be moving to an AM (9am – 1pm) and a PM (1pm – 5pm) slot for bookings. This will allow plenty of time between appointments to ensure safety is met and that tools and equipment are cleaned.


Customers not eligible an appointment?

We will not provide a home appointment for anyone in the following categories:

  • Classed as being at ‘risk or vulnerable’
  • Anyone self-isolating
  • Anyone who has shown symptoms of coronavirus within the last 14 days
  • Anyone who has travelled outside the UK and returned within the last 14 days


How will we keep safe during a home measuring appointment?

  • We will ask customers to maintain a minimum 2m social distance.
  • We will wear protective disposable gloves and will use hand sanitiser before, during and after your appointment
  • We will have protective masks to use in instances where the 2m social distance is not possible to maintain.
  • We ask that customers can remove any items from windowsills and that windows are easy to access with any furniture moved etc.
  • If a room can be ventilated prior to our arrival this will also help.


Can I look at and touch samples?

  • By introducing our virtual consultations, we are hoping to have a clearer understanding of your preferred products and requirements before visiting your home. This will allow us to reduce the number of samples bought into the home and reduce the risk associated with moving them between households.
  • Where possible, we will show you the samples from a safe distance as this will reduce the amount of touching of the samples.
  • If required, you can of course look at the samples closer, we ask that your hands are sanitized or cleaned before doing so and that you only touch what is 100% necessary.
  • All samples will be cleaned between appointments also.

How long will my order take to be manufactured?

  • We manufacture curtains and some blind products in our own workrooms but also work with a fantastic team of UK suppliers that manufacture some of our products. As a part of the lockdown, our manufacturing teams also closed and are now working through a backlog of orders from companies UK wide.
  • We estimate that a current turnaround of 4 weeks is likely, however, extensions to this in the short term may happen and any customers that place orders will be notified of this.
  • As our products are made to measure, we require payment in full and cannot provide refunds for cancelled orders due to these extensions.


Returning to Install your Blinds

  • We will continue to provide our installation services, following government guidelines and safety procedures.
  • The first and ideal option for an installation would be for customers to leave their home to take exercise whilst an installation is carried out. This will allow us free movement throughout the property as required without worrying about maintaining a 2m social distance.
  • Where this is not possible, we will request that customers stay in separate rooms to where an installation is taking place, maintaining the 2m distance.
  • We will wear protective, disposable gloves and regularly sanitize our hands before, during and after your installation.
  • We ask that customers remove all items from their windowsills and move any furniture so that windows are easy to access.
  • We will open windows in rooms where possible to ventilate the space.
  • Our tools and equipment will be cleaned between appointments.