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Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their windows. No other room in the house has as many variants so the options for your window dressing is quite wide.

With so much choice, it becomes about what type of window or door you have:

  • What shape is it? 
  • Which direction does it face?
  • What floor is your living room on?
  • Do you get lots of people walking past?
  • How wide is your window?
  • Is it a full length window?
  • Does it have a door?
  • Do you want to use that door a lot?
  • How much space have you got around your window?
  • What’s your window frame made out of?


We’ve collected some pictures of curtains and blinds that we’ve made and installed below. They’re sorted into some main types of windows so you can see what might be best suited.

When you start thinking about your choices and trying to narrow them down, it’s worth having a chat with us. Please do get in touch and we’d be happy to come and take a look and help you choose.

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Choosing the right blind

Our recommendations

  • Venetians can be used in all size windows and are available in a ‘no drill‘ system such as Perfect Fit or INTU.

  • Verticals make a great value option and are extremely practical, offering solutions for both light and privacy control

  • Rollers are another good value option and can be made using opaque, transparent or semi-transparent fabrics depending on how much control you need over glare.

  • Curtains and Roman blinds will always be a classic option for living rooms, and not only look fabulous, but can often be used in combination with another blind type to give total control over light and privacy.

  • For patio doors, we love the Allusion blind. Not only is it versatile, it also allows you to come and go into your garden without disturbing the blind or your kids on the sofa. 

Things to consider

  • Some types of blinds are limited by their size, so wide windows need careful thought.

  • If you have a north facing window, you want a solution that lets in a lot of light.

  • If you have a south facing window, you need something to reduce glare, and potentially heat as well.

  • Wide windows lets in a lot of heat. Think carefully about which blinds help with heat control.

  • Bi-fold doors can only be used with certain blinds. Solutions include Allusion blinds and INTU Micro

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We offer a variety of appointment types and solutions for you.  Either in the comfort of your own home for that final decision or a first look at our full range in our modern showroom where you can see our products being made in our onsite workshop.

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