Solutions for Children's Rooms

Children’s Rooms

The world is your oyster in your child’s bedroom. It’s your excuse to go wild and indulge your own childhood whims, splashing pops of colour all over the place and choosing from some simply amazing themes!

Or, it’s an excuse to turn their room into a peaceful sanctuary, where you child will drift off into a gentle slumber, allowing you to get your much needed 8 hours. (I know, I know, but all parents can dream!)

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to know that your blinds are 100% safe for your child. Check out our child safety page to discover how we ensure every single curtain and blind we create is completely child-safe.

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Choosing the right blind

Our recommendations

  • Curtains can be lined with ‘blackout’ lining to reduce light from coming in.

  • Doubling up on window treatments can work well in children’s rooms. For example, you could use a plain blackout roller blind and pair it with funky curtains to allow you more control.

  • No drill systems are a great option for children’s rooms, as they fit directly onto your window frames and minimise light.

  • Wipe clean fabrics are a good idea!

  • Your blinds or curtains should be completely child safe. Consider a motorised solution if you want to avoid all operating systems being accessible.

Things to consider

  • Blackout blinds reduce light coming in, but some light will still come around the sides of your curtains or blind. If you need a fully blacked out room, talk to us about how we can achieve that using built in channels. 

  • All of our curtains and blinds are child safe. Either because child safety is built into their design, or because we install them with child safe features.

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We offer a variety of appointment types and solutions for you.  Either in the comfort of your own home for that final decision or a first look at our full range in our modern showroom where you can see our products being made in our onsite workshop.

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