Child Safety

Designed with Safety in Mind

Child Safety is paramount to us, and the dangers posed by curtain and blind cords are well known.

Our made-to-measure curtains and blinds are created in two, child safe ways:

  • Safe by Design
  • Made safe using safety features

In line with legislation, we only supply and install systems that are compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS EN13120.

Safe by Design

This means that child safe features have been built into the design of the blind itself. Many new styles of blinds have moved away from the traditional loops and cords that operate the blind. 

Nowadays you’ll find features such as wands that can twist, open and close the blinds, or cords that are held under tension or concealed in the blind itself.

The innovative Luxaflex® LiteRise® system uses tension cords to raise and lower your blinds. You simply push to raise and pull to lower – the blind stays where you want them. 

Safety Features

Sometimes it may not be possible to fit ‘safe by design’ blinds in your home, due to the size of your window or its position. 

In these cases, we make sure that there are no hanging loops that a child has access to. 

We use a variety of safety mechanisms to ensure your blinds are completely child safe, including breakaway clips and wall P clips, which mean there are no hazardous loops.

You can find out more on the BBSA website or watch their information video below.


One way to ensure complete child safety, is with fully motorised blinds. 

Simple to use and extremely convenient, motorised blinds offer the perfect child safe solution.

The New Dawn team are experts in motorised solutions as well as child safety and would be happy to show you several solutions that could work for your home and lifestyle.

Get in touch on 01763 243894 and we can chat about what you need.

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